Stumbled on this Free Style Writing Challenge from Kyrosmagica. I’m supposed to write something on the prompt “Fear, An Adrenaline Shot.” This was fun!

Fear is eccentric. A madman, running through my veins. Sometimes he barges through, and sometimes he hides, but he’s always there. In the back of my head, seething. Even in the happiest moments, when I’m wrapped in the blankets of your smile, when the grass breathes and the trees breathe their silk scents over me and I am safe, I know I am safe, even then fear lurks in the underbrush, with his silent warning; that soon it will be over. Tick tock, tick tock. Soon it will be over.

Sometimes I try to reason with him, but madmen feed off a different logic. An alien logic, more closely related to death, which maybe is no logic at all. It rambles on, incomprehensible and relentless and boundless, stretching its tentacles out to every nerve and synapse, invading, even forming new ones. And it fears. Tick, tock, tick, tock. The madman seeks the adrenaline shot that will keep it going, because even fear fears that soon it will be over.

Word count: 179
Time taken: 10 minutes (and 7 seconds, to finish up the last sentence)

I am trying not to be too harsh on myself, but I cringe when I reread what I just wrote. My fingers itch to edit!

Now I’m supposed to nomiate bloggers to complete the same challenge on another topic, but I’m so new to this blogging thing that I don’t know many people, so I just picked a few writers / blogs at random from the blogs I’ve read recently. These are the most memorable ones–you guys rock:

  1. Charli Mills, who has a lovely collection of flash fiction
  2. Enkin Anthen, whose flash fiction managed to move something in me with just 99 words, 99 harshly beautiful words
  3. Gah, whose ‘About’ page charmed me and whose writing struggles I totally get
  4. Isabel Caves, who caught me with this cute little vignette, “Chasing Sleep”
  5. S. S. Hicks, whose short story “Blink” opened my eyes to the importance of overlooking differences
  6. Joy Frida, whose short story “He Texted Me” made me think about the fine line between duty and love
  7. The Darkest Fairytale, which has a nifty little recipe for coffee I should like to try, starting tomorrow morning
  8. Serpentine is Here, which has some pretty cool free writing–I like the blog’s dark tone and that he wants to build a community 🙂
  9. Sophie Ludgate, because I too have a mess in my head (plus I like her writing prompts)
  10. Jade M. Wong, because her heaven looks like mine (well, sort of–mine’s up in a tree 🍃   🙃  )

The Free Style Writing Challenge Rules:

  1. Set a stop watch or your mobile to 5 minutes or 10 minutes whichever challenge you think you can beat.
  2. Your topic is at the foot of this post BUT DO NOT SCROLL DOWN TO SEE IT UNTIL YOU ARE READY WITH A TIMER.
  3. Fill the word doc with as many words as you want. Once you began writing do not stop even to turn.
  4. Do not cheat by going back and correcting spellings and grammar with spell check in MS WORD (it is only meant for you to reflect on your own control of sensible thought flow and for you to reflect on your ability to write the right spelling and stick to grammar rules)
  5. You may or may not pay attention to punctuation and capitals. However, if you do, it would be best.
  6. At the end of your post write down ‘Word count =_____’ so that we would have an idea of how much you can write within the time frame.
  7. Do not forget to copy paste the entire passage on your blog post with a new topic for your nominees and copy paste these rules with your nominations (at least 5 bloggers).

Anyone else who wishes to participate, do so! Just give me a pingback by linking back to this post in your blog, so I can read your works. Can’t wait to see what you people come up with!

And your new topic is …



Author: ckye

Celine Low, a.k.a. Ckye, is a writer and creative writing tutor with an Honours degree in English Literature. Her fictional works have been published by The Bride of Chaos and Marshall Cavendish, and she posts regularly on Twitter and Instagram on an eternal quest to capture both beauty and sublimity through her words. An academic at heart, she also enjoys reading and writing research papers, as she finds a rather masochistic pleasure in gnawing on the musings of wise old philosophers or critics. She aims to travel the world one day, and hopes that the Northern Lights look as good as they do in Google wallpapers.

14 thoughts on “Fear”

  1. Oh, this is fun! On one hand, free-writing is my enemy because I’m such a perfectionist that I NEED to revise, but on the other hand, you did a really great job with the challenge, I’m going to take a shot at it too ^_^. I really like your personification of fear, and the way you wrote it really felt like I was in the middle of a tense scene. Well done!

    P.S. Thank you for the tag and shoutout :)!


  2. Hi Celine, thanks for nominating me! I had a go at the challenge, but unfortunately I’m suffering from a nasty case of writer’s block today 😦 Blue fire is such a nice topic…I could have had fun with it if my brain wasn’t completely fried from work!


  3. I apologize I am just now seeing this! Life’s been crazy, with career changes and what not…I haven’t read the topic yet, but I accept this challenge and will ping you back shortly! I look forward to this. Thank you so much for the kind words, I’m ready to get my blog up and running once more! 🙂


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